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China's 'elevated' bus was a scam after all

The folks behind the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) are under investigation for alleged illegal fundraising.

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Futuristic Chinese Bus Concept All But Dead | Autoblog Minute

The Shanghaiist reports that the China TEB is gathering dust in a warehouse.

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Is China's Bus of the Future a Scam? | Autoblog Minute

Is China’s bus of the future a work of pure science-fiction? Multiple reports questioning the validity of the Transit Elevated Bus Project, point to financing issues and prototype short-comings as areas of controversy. People are asking what exactly is China’s TEB: an early look at the future of public transport, a poorly-planned, overambitious attempt at improving urban mobility, or a scam.

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China bus concept looks sketchy

Perhaps we should have seen this coming, but the Transit Elevated Bus is raising serious questions.

Report: Huge traffic-straddling bus might be headed to U.S.

Name a bus that carries "hundreds" of passengers seated eight feet off the road, is powered by electricity, towers over even the largest of SUVs, and straddles two lanes of traffic. What? Do you think this is some sort of twisted question without an answer? Well, it's not. Dreamt up by Song Youzhou of Shenzen, China, the Straddling Bus at first glance appears so extraordinary that one might think it's a joke. Nope. Eric Loveday

Magic Bus Could Ride (Above) U.S. Roads

A few months back we posted on the "3D Express Coach," an innovative new bus designed by the Chinese organization Shenzhen Huashi Future Car-Parking Equipment. Though it looked like the stuff of science fiction, the design actually made a lot of sense: Make use of space between passenger cars and bridges in order to alleviate China's

China's ginormous bus allows cars to drive right through it

Imagine a ginormous bus, hollowed out to allow cars to drive right on through/under it and you've got the gist of a cunning, but rather odd "3D Express Coach" project created by Shenzhen Huashi Future Car-Parking Equipment. At first glance, the idea seems quite hysterical, or at least worthy of a small chuckle, but upon further inspection, this ginormous bus idea kind of makes perfect sense.