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Luftikid Child Safety Seat | Autoblog Minute

Luftikid is an inflatable child safety seat.

How to make your car's seat belt comfortable for kids

All 50 states have child safety seat laws that require young children to be harnessed into approved child safety seats when in the car until they reach a certain age or a specified height and weight.

Child Jumps From Car And On To Freeway

What you can do to keep your child safe

An 8-year-old girl leapt out of her mother's speeding car and onto the I-94 freeway near Mt. Elliot, Mich., remarkably sustaining only minor injuries.

NHTSA SaferCar app allows consumers to track safety ratings, recalls

While many car shoppers say safety is a big factor in their choice of new car, there hasn't been an easy to way to access data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The government agency's website is clunky at best, and close to unusable on mobile devices.

UK judge finds mom culpable for child's injuries because of incorrect child seat

Any time a parent's poor judgment results in harm or injury to a child, it's a sad case. This story, however, seems particularly tragic. According to The Telegraph, a British woman whose daughter was seriously injured in a car crash was found negligent and partially responsible for her daughter's injuries because the girl was riding in an inappropriate child safety seat.

How government safety standards for car seats fail large children

Every parent does his or her best to keep their children safe. Car seats are a big part of that equation, and snapping our little cherubs into a five-point harness makes us feel like we've done our very best to care for our precious offspring. But are we really?