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Click above for high-res gallery of the Transformers cars from GM

Time to check in on the voting for America's Next Micro Chevy. Remember the online voting Chevy opened up to determine which of their three minicar concepts would reach production? Well, in just a short time, the site has registered nearly 800,000 votes. The leader so far is the baby HHR-like Groove, with the WTCC-like Beat a ways back in second, and both far ahead of the baby-ute Trax. In case you don't remember these three concepts, Chevy decided to bring three minicars to the 2007 New York Au

Which of the Chevy triplets is most likely to succeed? That's the question that GM is trying to answer with their latest Internet vote (in January, GM asked us to vote for the Volt). The three concept cars: the Beat, the Trax and the Groove, have been in the public eye for a little less than a week now, and this vote is a way for GM to gauge which of the three has made the best initial impression.

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