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There are two things that are really easy to understand about electric vehicles - aside from the don't-need-no-gasoline part. One, they have all their torque available from zero RPM. Two, they're quiet. Number one means that EVs are fast off the line (see: Tesla Roadster) and that could mean that, once electric motors and batteries are the powertrain of choice in the racing industry, everything we think we know about what a race sounds like could change. CNN describes the possible future this wa

During the recent British Motor Show, GM Europe boss was expecting to get deluged with questions about the precarious financial situation at the home office in Detroit. To his surprise he found that the subject most of the European media were interested in was the status of E-Flex in Europe. For those just joining the conversation, E-flex is the extended range electric drive power-train architecture GM is developing for the Chevrolet Volt. Forster provides responses to some of the most common q

According to Dr. Lyle Dennis, the founder of the GM-Volt.com fan site, over 20,000 people are on the "Chevy Volt Waiting List." For comparison, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV online petition currently has just 1,350 signatures calling on the Japanese company to sell the electric jellybean here in the U.S.

Last week, Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. got space in the Wall Street Journal to question "whether GM is a genius or a dolt for developing the Volt." Jenkins suggests that gas prices might drop again. If this happens, then GM can say goodbye to consumers who want the Volt, Jenkins says. A big drop in gas prices is unlikely, based on recent trends and predictions, but not impossible. Jenkins' argument is one reason that an artificial floor on fuel prices - through higher gas taxes or a set minimum on oi

Back on the March 20, we recapped a bit of news from the first ever meeting of the so-called "Volt Nation" which took place at the New York Auto Show. Now, Lutz would like to thank the Volt Nation, along with ringleader Dr. Lyle Dennis (left, in the photo above), creator of the popular GM-Volt fan website, for meeting with Lutz and Volt design chief Frank Weber. The Volt Nation meet-us was where enthusiastic members of the community were able to ask their questions of the GM officials (You can w