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Man, it's been almost five minutes without GM's vice chairman Bob Lutz has given a positive Chevy Volt update. We just heard from him over the weekend about the possibility of a 20-mile-EV-range version someday, for example. Today, speaking in Dearborn, Lutz said that "there's almost no reasonable doubt in our minds anymore that this is going to work." This, of course, is getting the Volt out to the public. We knew this has been GM's message for a while now, but according to Reuters, Lutz said t

Apparently the the spy-shots of a Chevy Volt mule that turned up on-line late last night were not necessarily what they appeared to be. According to GM the photo's in question actually showed a ride and drive mule that is just testing suspension hardware. The gray car we saw earlier doesn't have any of the E-flex powertrain hardware installed. The giveaway would be the absence of a mis-shapen hood on that particular car. The red Malibu you see pictured here is actually one of the powertrain mule

Click above for high-res gallery of Chevy Volt mule spy shots

Back on the March 20, we recapped a bit of news from the first ever meeting of the so-called "Volt Nation" which took place at the New York Auto Show. Now, Lutz would like to thank the Volt Nation, along with ringleader Dr. Lyle Dennis (left, in the photo above), creator of the popular GM-Volt fan website, for meeting with Lutz and Volt design chief Frank Weber. The Volt Nation meet-us was where enthusiastic members of the community were able to ask their questions of the GM officials (You can w

Our friend Ray from Jalopnik happened to be in Southern California the other day when he got sit in with a bunch of bloggers having a chat with "Maximum" Bob Lutz. The ever quotable Mr. Lutz expounded on a variety of topics including the ongoing development of a car that debuted as a concept earlier this year. In the earliest stages of product development before parts are available to build full prototypes, they test various components like powertrains and suspensions on heavily modified existin