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Lutz denies reports of early release for Chevy Volt, development going as planned

2011 Chevrolet Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery

First Chevy Volt Integration Vehicle to be completed June 1st

General Motors is reportedly closing in on an important milestone in its development of the Chevy Volt. To date, GM has built over 30 mules based on the Chevy Cruze, which will share the Volt's Delta chassis underpinnings, but none of these cars look like Volts inside or out. Starting on the first day of June, that's all set to change as the first so-called Integration Vehicles are scheduled for assembly then. This means that there will be

BREAKING: Detroit 2009 - GM building Volt battery packs with LG Chem cells

After showing off its latest cars and concepts yesterday at the Detroit Auto Show, General Motors reserved its second press conference today for battery news. As has been rumored for months, South Korea's LG Chem has been selected to supply the lithium-ion cells that will power the Chevy Volt. However, LG Chem and its U.S. subsidiary will not be supplying full packs to GM. Instead, GM has decided to keep the pack production in-h

So, it's a Volt mule that Wagoner's driving to DC?

Yesterday, General Motors announced that Rick Wagoner, the company's CEO, would be driving from Detroit to Washington in a Chevy Malibu Hybrid. This is true. But, it's not the whole story. After arriving in the nation's Capitol, Wagoner will ditch the Malibu at GM's Washington offices and hop into a Chevy Volt mule. The latest mules are based on the Delta underpinnings that the production Volt will fea

Which green cars should Detroit execs caravan to Washington in?

In lieu of taking private jets for their upcoming second visit to Washington, a new suggestion has recently been made: caravan to the nation's capitol in next-gen, fuel efficient cars. As far as being green goes, perhaps the only better option would be to carpool together, and since we can't see that happening any time soon, let's investigate the other option. Ford would have the easiest choice, as

Lutz Update: Volt moves from Malibu to Cruze mules

Things are moving along quite nicely with the development of the Chevy Volt. According to Bob Lutz, test mules of the extended-range electric vehicle are now being built atop the soon-to-be-released Chevy Cruze. This is a logical progression since the production Volt will share its Delta underpinnings with the new compact from General Motors when it finally goes on sale in 2010. Prior to these latest mules, the test cars used last-gen Malibu shells that Lutz and the team affectionately referred

AutoblogGreen Podcast #23

Sebastian is joined by Jeremy for AutoblogGreen Podcast #23, since Sam was hanging out with Bob Lutz and his Vectrix scooter when we recorded. Jeremy recounts his experience with Piaggio MP3 scooters on a ride from New York to Connecticut, and we move on to talk about the limited Prius supply as of

GM considering all-electric Volt to meet Cali requirements? How about no battery?

The hopes and dreams of electric car aficionados for a purely battery powered successor to the late, lamented EV1 may soon be satisfied. Or not. It all depends on ... you guessed it, the battery. However, the latest utterings from Maximum Bob have people buzzing again. Mr. Lutz spoke to EV site PetroZero the other day and intimated that a purely battery-powered variant of the upcoming Volt is a possibility, leaving the range extender on the cutting room floor. This is actually not a new idea an

Maximum Bob talks pure EV Volt, battery-free Volt and prototype drives!

Scott over at PetroZero had the opportunity to pose some questions to Bob Lutz the other day and, as always, the responses were interesting. First off is the idea of the E-Flex platform operating entirely free of batteries, with the engine/generator simply running continuously and feeding electricity to motor. While this is certainly technically possible, the current E-Flex system is not architected for that possibility. The generator has no direct connection to the motor, rather it feeds the ba

Clarification of the Chevy Volt mule spy shots

Apparently the the spy-shots of a Chevy Volt mule that turned up on-line late last night were not necessarily what they appeared to be. According to GM the photo's in question actually showed a ride and drive mule that is just testing suspension hardware. The gray car we saw earlier doesn't have any of the E-flex powertrain hardware installed. The giveaway would be the absence of a mis-shapen hood

Spy Shots: First Chevy Volt mules caught testing

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