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Video: GM releases short clip touting Volt's superiority over other electric vehicles

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The bus stops here - GM readies Volt assembly plant for public tours

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Lutz denies reports of early release for Chevy Volt, development going as planned

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REPORT: Chevy Volt to start at $32,000 after tax credit?

While we know a good bit of information about GM's upcoming range-extended electric automobile, one major question lurks high above the rest: how much with the Chevy Volt cost? Well, that's a tough nut to crack. There will be a sticker price plastered on the car's window when it finally goes on sale in November of 2010 that may very well be at or near the $40,000 mark – pretty pricey for a car wearing the golden Bowtie – but that'

Chevy Volt will cost GM $750 milllion

We've heard time and again that it's really expensive to develop a hybrid, electric car or extended-range electric car. Chevy's upcoming Volt not only has a battery large enough to allow an announce range of 40 miles in electric-only mode, but it also uses a brand new engine design that's not used in that exact form in any other platform. You might imagine, then, that the Volt will be even more pricey to design than the average EV. You'd be right. According to the business plan that GM submitted

GM increases spending on Volt, fuel-saving initiatives

"Spending levels for the extended range electric Chevrolet Volt and other fuel-economy improvement initiatives to meet increasingly aggressive global fuel economy standards have been increased." And with that statement, General Motors looks to dispel any rumors that it will be cutting the engineering staff or any funding to