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With a great soundtrack – Patty Griffin's Heavenly Day – Chevy is once again using robot dogs and real deer to tell us how eco-friendly the Volt is. The new Volt commercial, called "Silent Anthem," is basically an expanded version of the Volt's snippets from the Find New Roads commercial from February, but this time we see how wind power is the new gasoline (as you can see in the fictional "Instant History" iPad app used in the spot). Nice.

What does General Motors have against electric cars? The brand new "Anthem" TV spot for the Chevrolet Volt that debuts during the World Series tonight (watch it here) contains the line, "This is America, man. Home of the highway, last-minute detours and spontaneous acts of freedom" and makes the emotional case against worrying about range. The ad doesn't attack the Nissan Leaf directly, but it most certainly wants to set the Volt apart from that electric vehicle (EV).

Chevy Volt regional advertising video – Click above to watch video after the jump