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It's not all that often that SUvs pop up on this site and even less often that one weighing in at nearly three tons graces our pages. Truth is, we rarely have reason to write about these gargantuans. Why? The answer is simple, they aren't usually what we would call green (yes, yes, we know the whole gallons per mile thing). Every once in awhile we feel bad for overlooking some of the green advancements that many SUVs have made in recent years and self-pity drives us to write up something about t

Click above for more shtos of the Tahoe Hybrid Limo

While New York City is using Ford Escape Hybrids as taxis, that simply wouldn't do in the Middle East. General Motors has delivered ten of its Chevy Tahoe hybrids to the Dubai government for a taxi fleet test. The test program was kicked off by His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai at an event held at the Monarch Hotel in Dubai. The attendees at the event also watched a "documentary" on hybrids that discussed the efforts to reduce emissions and fue

One of the best parts about being a member of the Autoblog team, besides all the chicks and autograph requests, is driving some of the best vehicles in the world and writing about it here. When it comes to hybrids, though, we tend to leave the heavy lifting to our brethren over at AutoblogGreen, and our eco-conscious friends never let us down. Gang green got their hands on a 2008 Chevy Tahoe Two-Mode Hybrid, and they knocked the review right out of the park. Hit the link below to see how a Tahoe

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A common auto industry argument against CAFE - regulation that requires automakers to make their overall vehicle fleet get more miles per gallon - is that it will just force small cars on the road and big vehicles off. The argument goes that the automakers will not be able to improve cars and the only solution will be for automakers to build small cars, which get higher miles per gallon simply because they are small. This not only degrades choice in the market but it hurts the car companies beca

This is why I could not wait to see the ad for the hybrid Chevy Tahoe. I knew something like this was coming when the GM PR guy at Boston AltWheels told me the Chevy Tahoe was a "big ass hybrid." Twice. So, the theme of the ad is the same as other recent Chevy ads, kids learning about GM cars in nature. The children are asked are hybrids "small?" The kids respond yes because obviously they are small. "They're tinsy-winsy, aren't they?" asks the teacher again. The kids respond "yes," again. Then

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