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Chevrolet is air-dropping the Corvette and Camaro back into the UK retail market next year. Corvette supplies dried up in 2009 when the importer closed its doors, and it's been 34 years since the mothership last sold the Camaro in Britain. Autocar reports that Chevy UK is seeking approval for the entire Corvette lineup, while Camaro buyers will be limited to the SS model in coupe or convertible body styles.

Just like Toyota Australia does things differently than "our" Toyota, Chevrolet Europe does things that make us go, "That's not the Chevy we know..." The latest example is a handshake study, headed by a professor of psychological sciences at the University of Manchester, that seeks the formula for the perfect handshake. And what is the driving force behind such obscure academia? Creation of a "handshake training guide for [Chevy] staff to prepare them ahead of the launch of the new 5 Year Promis