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2020 Hertz-Hendrick Camaro ZL1 and SS to spice up rental fleets

You can rent one of 224 examples starting in mid-October

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GM Recalls 500K Chevy Camaros For Ignition-Switch Defect

GM said it knows of three Camaro crashes related to the problem

General Motors issued a recall for more than a half million Chevrolet Camaros on Friday morning because of an ignition-switch safety hazard that mirrors the one at the center of the company's current crisis.

Can Students Turn A Chevy Camaro Into A Fuel-Sipper?

New Dept. Of Energy competition prods next generation of auto engineers

The Chevrolet Camaro gulps down gas. Can a bunch of students turn this iconic sports car into a model of fuel efficiency?

Dealership Employee Totals Camaro ZL1 During Joyride

Owners now in pitched legal battle

When you turn over your car to a dealership or mechanic, you expect it to be taken care of. You certainly don't expect it to be completely destroyed.

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2013 Chevrolet Camaro SS Hot Wheels Edition

Pairing your car, truck or SUV with another brand is a tried-and-true method to create the sort of positive association that sells vehicles, or at least gives them an attractive new look and higher margins. Ford knows this, having paired the Explorer and rugged apparel brand Eddie Bauer in the '90s with great success, and the F-150 with iconic moto