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Shanghai 2009: Chery Riich M1 EV and Tiggo 3 EV

Chery Riich M1 EV - Click above for a high-res gallery

Chrysler and Chery officially pull the plug on small car venture

Any thoughts that Chrysler had of getting small cars through a joint venture with China's Chery Motors are now officially dead. The Detroit News has been told by Mike Manley, Chrysler EVP for international sales, that discussions between the two companies have concluded and the companies will pursue their own directions. The slackening Chinese market has meant that Chery ha

Malcolm Bricklin filing a multi-billion RICO lawsuit against Chery Motors

Back in 2004 serial automotive entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin announced plans to collaborate with "rogue" Chinese automaker Chery Motors to bring new cars to the US market. Chery is referred to as "rogue" because the company never actually got permission from the Chinese government to get into the car business. Needless to say, the deal eventually fell apart when Chery decided to hook up first with Israel Corp and Quantum LLC for a different joint venture which has also yet to come to fruition.