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Here in the Northeast, you're more likely to spot the Loch Ness monster in your neighbor's kiddie pool than you are to find a fuel pump that dispenses E85 Ethanol, a situation that always makes me chuckle at the various "FLEXFUEL" badges I increasingly see on area vehicles. Well, as of this Thursday, June 26, people in Massachusetts will actually be able to fill their tanks with the biofuel at the first public E85 pump in the state. And for 85 minutes, they'll be able to do so for 85 cents a gal

As the average gas price for a gallon in America drops to under $3, ethanol promoters went ahead and sold E85 for $1.85 or so at some Iowa fuel stations yesterday (other stations sold the biofuel at 85 cents below the normal price). The reason for the sale is the upcoming Iowa Corn Indy 250 in Newton on Sunday. There were also E10 promotions yesterday and today.