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If you're driving to see relatives near Baltic, South Dakota (because, honestly, there isn't too much else to see or do there), you'll be able to fill up your tank with cheap E85 just before Thanksgiving. Midway Service Station at 525402 475th Avenue in Baltic is offering E85 at $1.85 a gallon from 3 pm until 6 pm on Wednesday. The first 25 people, moreover, will be able to fill up even cheaper, at $0.85 a gallon.

October 8th (Monday) is Columbus day and to celebrate it (or as a excuse), Loft's Mini Mart on Highway 9 in Swea City, Iowa, is selling E85 at a discounted price of $1.89 per gallon (but just until 2 pm) - up to 30 gallons.

As the average gas price for a gallon in America drops to under $3, ethanol promoters went ahead and sold E85 for $1.85 or so at some Iowa fuel stations yesterday (other stations sold the biofuel at 85 cents below the normal price). The reason for the sale is the upcoming Iowa Corn Indy 250 in Newton on Sunday. There were also E10 promotions yesterday and today.