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EnerDel gets $4 million from the Feds for military li-ion battery

Ener1 CEO and Chairman Charles Gassenheimer certainly isn't afraid to talk up the li-ion battery work that battery subsidiary EnerDel is doing. It looks like the U.S. federal government is also willing to get behind the lithium-ion research going on in Indianapolis. The U.S. Department of Defense has awarded EnerDel a $4 million research and development contract for work that should:

Indiana offers Ener1 $7 million for new clean car tech jobs

The EnerDel li-ion battery company continues charging ahead in Indiana. The company got a visit from governor Mitch Daniels today at its Indianapolis location and the big news for EnerDel is that the Indiana Economic Development Corporation has offered the company up to $7.125m in "performance-based tax credits and up to $58,000 in training grants based on the company's job creation plans." Those plans include creating over 850 new jobs between now and the end of 2012. Gov. Daniels was suitably

Ener1 takes full control of EnerDel

There are changes in EnerDel/Ener1 land. Yesterday, Ener1 said it would be moving its headquarters to New York City. Today, in a more important announcement, Ener1 said that it has taken complete control of EnerDel, Ener1's li-ion battery subsidiary, by buying some equity interest away from former joint venture partner Delphi. Delphi let its 19.5 percent equity interest in EnerDe

EnerDel update from chairman Charles Gassenheimer

We spoke with Ener1 Chairman Charles Gassenheimer back in December at the EVS23 expo and at the time he was quite bullish on his company's prospects for 2008. So far this year, there has been quite a bit of good news for the company. Ener1's li-ion battery subsidiary, EnerDel,

Ener1 raises $29.7m, Indianapolis facility will grow

EnerDel is the battery division of Ener1, an energy storage solutions company. EnerDel's batteries can currently be found in a plug-in Prius and a Sebastian Blanco