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Within a few years, the total amount of all-electric car models has gone from a select, expensive few to well more than a dozen, with most major brands and a handful of new companies throwing their best technologies and innovations into these models.

Most people who have been around cars for a good chunk of their lives have experienced the hassle and inconvenience associated with a dead battery.

The battery in your car can go dead for any number of reasons leaving you stranded.

Most people fail to realize just how sensitive the charging system on their car is.

It’s probably happened to you before, you’re out running errands only to realize your cell phone battery has died.

2012 Ford Mustang Technically these two vehicles have wildly different classifications: compact for the Ford Mustang and large car for the Dodge Charger.

If you’ve always loved driving performance cars but you don't know how you’ll fit a baby seat in a Mustang or a Camaro, the 2012 Dodge Charger could be the car for you.

For people who grew up in a world where electric vehicles (EVs) existed only in cartoons and science fiction movies, seeing one pull up alongside you at a red light is still an unusual sight.

There are few things more frightening than hearing buzzing or clicking from your car when you’re trying to start it.

Your car alternator, at its most basic, is what works along with your battery and the rest of your charging system to keep your car running.

You're late for work and rush out to your car, only to find that it won't start.


The in-road electricity bug that's bitten researchers from Utah to South Korea has flown to Sweden, where Volvo is working with a handful of partners to develop its own take on dynamic, wireless recharging technology.