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Chrysler Recalling Nearly 907,000 Cars, SUVs

Alternators can fail, causing the 3.6-liter V6 engines to stall unexpectedly

Nearly 907,000 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep SUVs and cars are being recalled for alternators that can fail and heated power mirror wiring that can short and cause minor fires.

Ford taps AeroVironment for home-charging systems

Ford figures that 11,000 electric-vehicle driving homeowners can't be wrong. The US automaker has tapped AeroVironment as its official vendor for Level 2 home-charging systems.

Kansas City says it's more than ready for plug-in cars

San Francisco, Boston, Austin, Los Angeles and the Raleigh-Durham region are among the US metropolitan areas most often cited to be the most electric-vehicle ready in terms of charging infrastructure. Now, Kansas City wants to be added to that list.

Home Depot now offering 30 different electric vehicle chargers

Shopping for a 240-volt, Level 2 wall-mounted electric car charging unit? Then check out Home Depot's online shopping site, where consumers get to choose a variety of units with prices that start at $749 and top off at $9,815.

Nissan will expand Leaf dealer network in Europe tenfold this year

Nissan will increase the number of European car dealers carrying Leaf electric vehicles tenfold – to 1,000 – by the end of the year and will sell the car in two dozen European markets by 2013, all part of the Japanese automaker's plan to boost Leaf sales overseas.

BYD says electric e6 delayed due to lack of U.S. plug-in infrastructure

It's coming in 2010. Scratch that. How about 2011? Oh shucks, that's impossible, too. Let's shoot for 2012. BYD Auto constantly alters the U.S. launch date of the electric Eric Loveday

Ford lists "20 Cool Places to Charge in the U.S."

Where are the coolest U.S. sites to charge your plug-in vehicle? Well, if you ask Ford, the answer would be a new list of "20 Cool Places to Charge in the U.S." The automaker picked spots in we can all understand, like the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort in Honolulu, HI and the Malibu Country Mart in Malibu, CA as well as a few surprises – Peaches Bed & Breakfast in Grand Rapids, MI, anyone?

350Green, Coulomb team to install 400-plus charging stations across U.S.

Plug-in vehicle charging stations are still a bit of a rarity here in the United States and, while 400 additional chargers won't make for a nation that's blanketed with the technology, we'll certainly take all the charging points we can get.

Car Charging Group teams with Central Parking System to electrify U.S. parking lots

Car Charging Group, a Florida-based installer of plug-in vehicle charging stations, announced a potentially massive deal that involves partnering with Central Parking System and its subsidiary, USA Parking System, to install Coulomb Technologies' networked ChargePoint stations at up to 2,200 sites across the U.S

Ecotricity links up UK service stations with chargers along Electric Highway

Electric vehicles can now drive between Bristol, Birmingham and London without fear of running out of juice since Ecotricity opened two additional charging stations along the UK's Electric Highway as part of the world's first nationwide charging network.

Pike predicts we'll have 7.7 milion charging stations worldwide by 2017

Pike Research keeps on pouring out reports, including its latest one, titled "Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment." This report from Pike forecasts that by the end of 2017, more than 7.7 million charging stations will have been installed around the globe, including 1.5 million right here in the United States. And no, this

Why Florida's 70-plus charging stations are virtually useless

Residents of Florida now have even more incentive to ditch their gasoline-burning vehicles in favor of an electric automobile. In the past year, Florida has become a plug-in vehicle hot spot. Well, sort of. There's a chicken and egg issue going on.

UK opens free, solar-powered plug-in vehicle charging network

For first time-ever, electric vehicles will soon be able to travel the length of the UK using a network of free, solar-powered "top-up" charging stations located near motorways. According to Ecotricity, the company that installed the network, range anxiety has now been removed from the electric vehicle equation in the UK.

GE, Lowe's partner to sell WattStation home charger

Announced today at the Plug-In 2011 Conference, GE Energy Industrial Solutions and home improvement giant Lowe's will team up to offer consumers the wall-mounted, residential-use General Electric WattStation plug-in vehicle charger.

"Major landmark" reached as AeroVironment's chargers get UL-certified

AeroVironment has announced that its entire lineup of plug-in vehicle charging solutions has received Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification. This means that AeroVironment's chargers conform to electrical codes and can now be safely and legally installed almost anywhere in the U.S.

Nissan Leaf checks in at London's Gatwick Airport

In 2010, over 31.3 million people passed through London's Gatwick Airport. Not even one of them attempted to drive through the airport's North Terminal in a Nissan Leaf, or, for that matter, any other road-worthy passenger vehicle. That changed when Stewart Wingate, chief executive officer at Gatwick Airport, kicked off the travel hub's partnership with Eric Loveday

Video: Check out Barcelona's electric motorcycle, scooter charging infrastructure

Charging stations in Barcelona, Spain – Click above to watch video after the jump

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