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ChargePoint America installations underway, two more chargers ready for use in San Jose

By October 2011, the ChargePoint America program, assisted by Coulomb Technologies, is expected to complete installation of 4,600 free public and home charging stations funded by a $15-million grant from the U.S. government. The chargers will appear in nine regions across the U.S.: Austin, TX, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, FL, Sacramento, CA, the San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area, Bellevue/Redmond, WA, and Washington D.C.

Coulomb unveils first ChargePoint stations in Australia and Poland

Coulomb Technologies is slowly but surely expanding the reach of its ChargePoint stations beyond the company's home base of California. Now, two more countries are now part of Coulomb's ever-growing network of customers: Australia and Poland.

Coloumb gets $14 million in latest venture capital funding round

Coulomb Technologies is up $14 million thanks to a recently completed Series B funding round. The money will help the plug-in vehicle charging unit company do two main things: expand and evolve. The funding round was led by two venture companies, Voyager Capital and Rho Ventures, each of which will now add a member to Coulomb's board of directo

smartUSA names Coulomb preferred charging station supplier

It may not have a starring role alongside the latest electrics from Renault at the Frankfort Motor Show this week like its bigger Better Place competitor, but Domenick Yoney