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Autoblog Minute
Nissan invents cruise-control chairs

The wait at the DMW will never be the same.

You can go on auto pilot in so many new ways.

Nissan's self-parking chairs keep lazy offices tidy

Nissan has a solution for office chair problems, if such a thing exists.

REPORT: Police auctioning off motorized La-Z-Boy used in DWI

If you've ever had the urge to cruise your neighborhood in a self-propelled La-Z-Boy, your opportunity has arrived. Minnesota resident Dennis Anderson (no relation to the Gravedigger monster truck franchise – we think) has forfeited his notorious motorized, and over-the-top modified, recliner chair involved in his DWI incident and crash recently is going on the eBay auction block l

Simplicity in Motion: Formula.Chair by Matthias Demacker

Formula.Chair by Matthias Demacker – Click above to view in an image gallery