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One chainsaw caused $3,000 worth of damage to a police cruiser

Police in Duluth, Georgia are looking for the two suspects who threw chainsaws at them during a chase early Monday morning.


This video is neither as dangerous nor as insane as the title indicates, if only because you're only using the chainsaw's motor and not the actual chain itself. Do not take a chainsaw to your engine without first removing the chain. It would be bad.

Lamborghini is returning to its roots by offering up an array of Raging Bull-branded lawn care equipment. The Italian supercar manufacturer notoriously got its start hocking tractors, so it should come as no surprise that the suits at Sant'Agata have decided to return to the company's agricultural beginnings. Lawn-care company IKRA has licensed the Tonino Lamborghini name for an array of landscaping implements of destruction, including grass and hedge trimmers, electric chainsaws and cordless sh

What's more American than putting V8s where they don't belong? As we head toward the Independence Day holiday, let's take a few minutes to partake in that other great American repast, wasting time on YouTube. TechEBlog has gone on a surf-fest and they've dug up some interesting adaptations of one our favorite powerplants. A Hemi-powered barbeque certainly has merit, now that the summer grilling season is upon us; them's some fast burgers! Our favorite is the paper V8 with internals that actually

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