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The Electric, Connected Autonomy Of CES 2017 | Translogic 214

We see what Ford, Toyota, and Faraday Future brought to the show.

On this Translogic, we take the Consumer Electronics Show by storm.

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Toyota Concept-i | Autoblog Minute

Toyota unveiled Concept-i at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The gloss white, four seat, bluntly ovoid, fractally embellished, occasionally autonomous pod comes equipped with an artificially intelligent user experience interface known as Yui.

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Chrysler Portal Concept | Autoblog Minute

Chrysler's six-passenger people hauler shown at CES 2017.

Faraday Future could be out of business by February

If the company can't secure funding at CES, it's over.

Tick, tock.