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Translogic 193: Even more highlights from CES

By Land And By Air, CES Is Changing How We Get Around

We check out the Autel Robotics Drone, Ehang 184 autonomous aeriel vehicle, and Segway Ninebot Mini at CES 2016.

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Translogic 192: Highlights from the Consumer Electronics Show

Faraday Future, BMW, And VW Shine In Las Vegas

Host Jonathon Buckley heads to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show to experience the next generation of automotive technology.

The first working Hyperloop could arrive by the end of 2016

Engadget sat down with new Hyperloop Technologies CEO Rob Lloyd to talk about when the highly efficient tube-based transportation system might get real.

VW e-Golf will get 30% range boost thanks to improved batteries

The VW e-Golf's range will soon jump about 30 percent thanks to the German automaker's coming upgrade for its batteries.

Weekly Recap: The future is autonomous and electric, and it's here

Plus: News And Analysis On GM's $500M Lyft Deal, The Cruze Hatch, And US Auto Sales

We curate the week's events with a focus on the Consumer Electronics Show. Plus, news and analysis on what's going on in the car business.

Four ways Tesla ruled CES 2016 without even showing up

Believe it or not, Tesla didn't have an official presence at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. But that doesn't mean Tesla didn't rock the show anyway.

VW couldn't show off wireless Apple CarPlay at CES

Volkswagen wanted to show off its wireless CarPlay functionality at CES, but Apple blocked the automaker from doing so. Bummer.

Renault-Nissan promises 10 autonomous models through 2020

The company claims it will offer these systems to customers around the world at affordable prices in major markets like the US, Europe, Japan, and China.

The next-generation wearable will be your car

Future Cars Will Transcend The Device On Your Wrist

Right now, automakers are just beginning to grasp the potential of wearables to facilitate driver-vehicle interaction. The next step? Evolve beyond the wearable entirely.

Audi's CES interior concept foretells a screen-filled A8

Audi blends more screens into Virtual Cockpit to create Virtual Dashboard, its next interior concept. Watch for it in new models soon.

MIT's Persuasive Electric Vehicle puts on a convincing face

It's A Wireless, Autonomous, Covered, Battery-Powered Bike

MIT's Persuasive Electric Vehicle wants you to rethink what you know about battery-powered, self-driving bicycles. If you had thoughts about them already.

Hands-on with BMW's Open Mobility Cloud at CES

The BMW Open Mobility Cloud at CES gives a vehicle access to a person's entire daily agenda. Mike Austin explains, live from CES.

Autoblog Minute
Autoblog Minute: CES recap, NAIAS preview

Weekly Recap For 1.8.16

Autoblog Senior Editor Greg Migliore recaps the week in automotive news, including highlights from CES 2016, a preview of NAIAS 2016, and more.

Autoblog Podcast #461: All things CES

On Episode #461 of the Autoblog Podcast, we discuss the flood of automotive news from the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show.

Here are some of the worst things we saw at CES

Proof That Not All Innovations Are Really Innovative

Walking the seemingly endless halls at CES has taught us an interesting lesson: Not all innovations are really all that... well, innovative.

Bentley targets audiophiles with custom Continental at CES

Bentley arrived at CES this year with the limited-edition Continental GT V8 S you see here, decked out by Mulliner and fitted with a custom 3,400-watt Monster audio system.

Aston Martin Rapide puts the future on display at CES

Aston Martin and its Chinese infotainment partner Letv came to Las Vegas for CES this year with a Rapide S packed with oversized displays and other goodies.

Volvo says people want the option to drive driverless cars

In a survey of 10,000 respondents, Volvo found that the overwhelming majority still want the ability to drive their car even if it's capable of driving itself.

VW apologizes, again, for diesel scandal

Volkswagen brand chairman Herbert Diess is the latest VW executive to publicly apologize for the company's diesel scandal. He used a portion of his CES keynote to promise the company would fix things.

Control your Audi with your Apple TV, if you want to

Have an A4 or Q7 and a new Apple TV? Audi will let them talk to each other on your flatscreen for some reason.

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