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Looking To Buy A Used Car? You Might Want To Consider A New One

Buying a used car isn't the slam dunk it used to be

Because of the recession that hit in late 2008, people have been holding onto their rides for longer than usual, waiting for better days before trading in old wheels for new ones. The fact that vehicles in general are more reliable than ever has only exacerbated the lack of low-mileage used cars, as owners rack up tens of thousands of trouble-free miles before finally trading them in.

Study: Why Hyundai and Volvo Are Best Certified Used Car Brands

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Can Be Great Deals for Many Buyers

According to IntelliChoice, a provider of automotive cost and value analysis, Volvo and Hyundai have the best certified pre-owned programs in the auto industry.

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Top 10 Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Programs

Porsche, Honda and Lexus make the list.

CPO programs can be a smart decision for your next vehicle purchase.

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What is a certified pre-owned vehicle?

Is certified pre-owned better than used?

Is certified pre-owned better than used?

Should you buy a certified pre-owned vehicle?

Your choice for a better used car?

Learn more about the benefits of certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle programs.

Best Used Cars

Certified pre-owned programs offer as-good-as-new cars for less.

Used car salesmen may have a bad reputation, but that sure doesn't seem to keep U.S. consumers from buying used cars. In 2004, we bought 13.6 million new cars and light trucks and leased 3.3 million new cars and light trucks -- but went home with 42.5 million used cars and light trucks, an increase of just under 12% from 1990, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.But these days, us