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Buying a used car isn't the slam dunk it used to be

Because of the recession that hit in late 2008, people have been holding onto their rides for longer than usual, waiting for better days before trading in old wheels for new ones. The fact that vehicles in general are more reliable than ever has only exacerbated the lack of low-mileage used cars, as owners rack up tens of thousands of trouble-free miles before finally trading them in.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Can Be Great Deals for Many Buyers

According to IntelliChoice, a provider of automotive cost and value analysis, Volvo and Hyundai have the best certified pre-owned programs in the auto industry.

We Pick The Best Buys From 2005-2007

If you're just starting to shop for your next vehicle but not so sure that the new-car smell is a necessity, you have some great alternatives. Through the certified pre-owned programs (commonly abbreviated as simply CPO) now supported by most automakers, approved dealerships pick out the best vehicles that are traded in, thoroughly inspect them, then back them with a warranty that in some cases is

What Is a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

Car shoppers used to be limited to just two types of vehicles -- new and used. The former was brand spanking new straight from the manufacturer along with a warranty and that coveted new-car smell. Of course, it also came with that new-car price tag and the knowledge that the vehicle could lose up to half of its value in the first few years of ownership. The latter category was a heck of a lot che