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Following the passage of the Senate energy bill, what's the future of corn ethanol in the U.S.? We already know that the marketplace is not too keen on corn ethanol these days, thanks to a glut of the stuff. According to this article in the Chicago Tribune, corn ethanol's declining role will be hastened by the bill - in favor of ethanol made from the non-edible parts of the corn cob and other cellulosic feedstocks. As Tribune reporter Joshua Boak writes, "Of the 36 billion gallons of renewable f

Ger Bemer, Chief Executive Officer at Royal Nedalco, is sure that the first cellullosic ethanol we will have at the pump will come from a yeast process, not bacteria. According to him, bacteria are too sensitive to infections and this makes the R&D process slow, because companies have to take smaller steps until they can find a stable method for obtaining ethanol from switchgrass. Mr. Berner says that yeasts, on the other hand, are more resistant, have been used by the industry for more year