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Audi is desperate to appeal to young people with its new 2015 A3 sedan. It's planning launch parties around the country to present the new model to these younger buyers, and its latest tactic is a series of videos starring celebrities the company considers trailblazers to further captivate youthful buyers.

Fisker just landed another celebrity to its growing goodie mob of fans. Pop star Ce eLo Green joins the A-list of Fisker Karma owners. "We would like to welcome @CeeLoGreen to our family of #FiskerKarma owners," the Atlanta dealership posted to Twitter, showing off the "Lady Killer" singer just chilling with his new car.

As Americans, there's no denying we have a healthy obsession with the lives of celebrities. From movie stars like Will Smith down to reality television "stars" like The Situation, people are curious as to what's going on in their world. What clothes do they wear, where do they get their groceries and what kind of car(s) do they buy? Sometimes a celebrity won't have much say in the vehicle they drive because they sign a sizable endorsement deal to tell us which vehicle we should be driving. As sa

Let's just say even we don't know how to get our hands on one of these. Click above for high-res image gallery

Remember when sex was safe and motorcycles were dangerous? Longtime two-wheel fanatics may recall the stern warnings from our concerned fathers regarding the single most dangerous part on your very first motorcycle. No, not the nut behind the bars - the burning-hot exhaust pipe. Pop-rocking, motorcycle-riding, all-around bad girl Pink apparently didn't get the memo. The singer suffered the dreaded "pipe burn" during a recent ride aboard hubby and freestyle motocross legend Carey Hart's bike.

It looks like even Hollywood Superstars are not immune to the lure of well-crafted American Iron. The paparazzi recently caught Brad Pitt out for a cruise aboard the one-off steed pictured above. Mr Pitt is no stranger to the health benefits of a good right-wrist exercise regiment – he's been spotted cruising the left coast on several different cycles, including a full range of Ducatis as well as customs from Confederate.

It is well known that California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has had a very public change of heart when it comes to seeking out a greener lifestyle. Heck, he's gone from owning the very first civilian AM General HMMWV to talking up green environmental initiatives and start-ups like Tesla. He's even taken delivery of one of the company's Roadsters.

Even though he had a long television acting career, you probably don't remember James Sloyan – but you know his voice – perhaps better than you'd like. Sloyan has been the narrator for every Lexus commercial since the brand's 1989 launch. Imagine the slogan "The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection," and your mind will probably be a-tumble with images from any of those high-production-value commercials broadcast over the last 20 years.

If a company is going to stay in business, there's no question that it must continue to market itself. Yet Chrysler's choice to pay to do so via this summer's Terminator: Salvation is a head-scratcher. Some folks have made an issue -- a valid one -- of public funds being used to secure the sponsorship. Regardless of who's paying, we don't get this at all.

According to a grand jury indictment, a New Mexico prostitution ring mastermind was trying to extort two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Al Unser, Jr. for $750,000 over a videotape. Bobby McMullin, the ringleader, allegedly had an unflattering video of Unser that he promised to release to the public if Little Al didn't pay him. The racer signed a letter agreeing to pay an unspecified amount for the tape, and indeed some payments were made, but authorities don't know how much money changed hands.

Emmy Rossum filling her ML320 BlueTec

Do you enjoy watching stars on the red carpet? Well, BMW thinks that they can help make the stars' appearance a little greener than if they arrived in a stretched limo (even if it's hybrid). Last year BMW chose the event to promote its Hydrogen 7 flagship, but this year BMW has announced a full "fleet of models fitted with EfficientDynamics" to drive around movie starts and politicians. As we know, this name denotes a combination of the Bavarian marque's techniques to lower fuel consumption. Acc

We've seen countless celebs go green by either choosing to drive in a hybrid vehicle, electric car or even a scooter. The latest well-known person we've heard has made the change to two-wheels might not be a celebrity by the strictest definition of the word, but we're sure you know his name: Donald Rumsfeld. We're going to leave any political bits out of this post and just suggest that it's nice to see well-known people make a fuel-saving purchase. The specific scooter model that Mr. Rumsfeld, f

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var digg_url = 'http://www.digg.com/celebrity/No_Turbo_for_you_Hilary_Duff_s_manager_denies_her_a_Porsche'; It appears the sins of her peers have been visited upon super duper pop sensation Hilary Duff. Well, that and good business sense from her manager. Duff, who has done a pretty good job at not becoming infamous, wants to buy a Porsche Cayenne Turbo. It's her dream car. Her business manager's reaction to the 19-year-old Duff getting behind the wheel of a 500-hp SUV: "Nein." Just to make s

We always like to report on celebrities driving hybrids, and now we can add two more to the list. But, this one has a twist! The celebs are a couple, and they are sharing their Prius between themselves! What could be better than driving a Prius? Sharing a Prius, of course, and that is exactly what Hollywood couple Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell are doing. According to this article, Rebecca was the green one of the family, and she seems to have talked some green sense into her new husband. Je

That would be Hayden Panettiere from "Heroes" and her Porsche Cayenne

Hybrids, especially the Prius, have become the automotive equivalent of a teacup chihuahua to Hollyweird stars. No doubt the public viewings and statements by thespians have raised public awareness of Toyota's green-tinged offerings. The campaign of bringing Toyota Hybrids to the stars has been a clever bit of stealth marketing by the Environmental Media Association. What better way to quickly make a hybrid a desireable item than to equip media figures with the vehicles, adding an air of "sexy"

The lovely Jennifer Aniston, neighbor of Prius driver Leonardo DiCaprio, has replaced her Range Rover with a Toyota Prius. There is not much more to add to the story, other than the fact that she more than doubles her fuel efficiency for less than half of the price of the large SUV. Somehow I doubt that the money savings were very high on her list of reasons to go the environmentally friendly route, but, what do I know? Am I rambling on just to fill up some space so that my text is at least as l

Perhaps looking to shake their conservative image, GM is calling all of their A (and maybe a few B, C and D) -list friends to help ring in the New Year at next month's North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. It's all part of GM's celebrity car fashion show that they'll host along the banks of the Detroit River. No, really. "Celebrities will accompany GM vehicles as they glide down an aisle set up inside a heated tent along the Detroit River," GM said Monday.

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