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Catalyx Nanotech has announced that they have successfully used landfill gas (LFG) obtained from a closed southern California landfill to produce 0.5 Kg of high-value Platelet Graphite Nanofibers and 2,000 liters of "green" hydrogen. Catalyx previously used natural gas at their Canadian plant to obtain these products, but wants to earn green credentials from using landfill gas despite the more expensive cost. One of the side benefits of using LFG is that it eliminates the extra cost expense of s

Nanotechnology holds amazing promise for many new green technologies, including the emissions controls which will allow the internal combustion engine to meet upcoming standards and the lithium ion batteries which threaten to make those same engines obsolete. There are many issues holding nano-tech back, though, not the least of which is the high price associated with the production of such tiny materials. So, when we read that Catalyx Nanotech, Inc. plans to begin mass production of Platelet Gr