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We've mentioned the Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) before, but we didn't know then we'd be talking about the best public transportation system in America. The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) has just named CATA the best transit system of its size ( 4-30 million passenger trips a year) in North America. I went to the APTA website, but couldn't find a list of number ones in larger or smaller categories, so we'll just dwell on CATA for the rest of the post.

The Capital Area Transportation Authority here in Lansing, MI recently sent out a brochure in time for Earth Day suggesting people try to commute to work for one day without using their car. Leaving home without it, as it were. The brochure doesn't ask people to drop the car on April 23rd (the target date is May 3rd), the idea is a good one: for one day, think about alternatives (suggestions include riding the bus, biking, walking, and carpooling). Now that spring has come and traveling to work