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AT&T's 2G system is going away, leaving Leafs in the lurch.

The loss of AT&T's 2G cellphone network for force Leaf owners to update their telematics system, if they want to keep the functionality. Owners of 2015 models get it free, but 2011-2014 drivers must pay.

California EV Company Hits One Billion Kilometer Milestone 1.5 Years Earlier

Just a few weeks ago, Nissan announced that its customers have driven over a billion electric kilometers in the four years that the world's best-selling EV has been on the road. That heady milestone means, Nissan says, that the Leaf has saved 180 million kilograms of CO2 emissions around the world.

Fly a little higher, Carwings. Nissan has been using the communication system as a way for drivers of the battery-electric Leaf to do things like use a smartphone start the charging process remotely, check the charging status or find nearby charging stations. The service was one of the tools Nissan was offering to newbie drivers of the first US mass-produced electric vehicle to better familiarize themselves with ideas like recharging your car from miles away.

Something is up with the Nissan Carwings data network, a way for the all-electric Leaf to communicate with smartphones and the mothership back in Japan. Carwings is how drivers can remotely charge their vehicles and heat or cool the cabin. What the current problem is is not fully understood, but Nissan is admitting there's an issue. On its Leaf Facebook page, Nissan Social wrote:

One small step for man, one large step against range anxiety.

Nissan last week announced connectivity improvements for some of its models, including the upgraded Altima that is set to debut this summer as well as the Leaf battery-electric vehicle.

Three years ago, Nissan was praised for it's in-car telematics system called Carwings, winning a prize from the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy in Japan. Now, with Carwings coming to the U.S. in the Nissan Leaf, we've found a less positive message about the energy-saving tech. Specifically, Carwings could maybe be used to track your car by nefarious persons.

There's one feature on the Nissan Leaf that hasn't gotten a lot of press, but when new owner Olivier Chalouhi posted about it on My Nissan Leaf, the gathered eco-auto geeks got pretty excited. The feature? CARWINGS. No, it's not an add-on bit of body work for achieving flight, but rather a telematics system that keeps track of and displays all kinds of information. A version of the system has been available in some Nissans in Japan for years but its implementation in their first mass produced el

The Agency for Natural Resources and Energy in Japan has selected Nissan to get the 18th annual Energy Conservation Prize Director-General's award. The award is for Nissan's CarWings telematics system and its contribution to fuel savings. The navigation system that is part of CarWings access to real-time traffic information and a historical database of information about traffic patterns to compute the most fuel-efficient route to a destination. The system helps achieve shorter commuts at a highe

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