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Video: New animated series 'The Driver' is our kind of awesome

The Driver animated series – Click above to watch video after the jump

Click and Clack cartoon debuts tonight on PBS

If you've been dying to see animated versions of Click and Clack -- aliases Tom and Ray Magliozzi -- then you'll want to tune into your local PBS station tonight. Their new series, As the Wrench Turns, starts off with their presidential campaign, with one of the platforms being "America needs a lube job!" We're all for it. Big Bird and the Cookie Monster will also make a cameo, though we're not sure if it's tonight. Check your PBS site for local times, or check out Jonathon Ramsey

Friday fun: Cartoons that take a crack at auto industry

While blogs are known for not holding any punches when addressing the ills of society, a well done cartoon can rip right through all the B.S. and illuminate the real issues. Autoblog reader Brian sent us a link to the Cartoon Box of Slate.com, where 46 good old fashioned newspaper cartoons about the auto industry have been collected. Cartoons are a fun read for a Friday and you'll be surprised at just how brutal and honest they can be. They get older the deeper you go into the collection, but al