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Report: FL classic car dealer cops 18 month plea for selling cars that weren't his

When buying a classic car from an auto dealer, there is a lot to worry about. Is the vehicle going to be a money pit? Do all the numbers match? Am I getting a fair deal with regards to financing? All fair questions to be sure, but if you dealt with Daniel Lussier of Auto Image Motor Cars you also have to worry about whether or not the car was his to sell in the first

Fed launches national auto database to curb theft, fraud. Only took 17 years

You may or may not know this, but that used vehicle on sale at your local dealership with a "clean" title could have been wrecked, stolen or involved in a flood. So much for the pristine title that you looked at before purchasing the vehicle. Congress and the Justice Department have known about this problem for decades and in 1992 the nation's governing body ordered the creation of a national database to show which vehicles were involved in thefts or other incidents.

Lock Those Doors: New Year's Day the worst holiday for stolen cars?

Maybe it's the mass inebriation that makes it easier, but New Year's Eve is apparently hottest holiday for car theft. If the whole world is already sleeping it off, there's no way anybody is going to pay heed to your stupid alarm, perhaps.

Nissan Skyline GT-R thief busted by internet forum members

Due to the Canadian 15 year or older vehicle exemption rule it is not all too surprising to find a slightly modified R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R on a dealer's lot. Such was the situation at Heritage Auto Sales in Calgary, Alberta. The dealership had a charcoal grey 1991 GT-R with a Greddy single turbo kit, Zeal coilovers and Panasport wheels on display for interested buyers. The car attracted one apparently serious customer who returned on multiple occasions looking for an opportunity to take a test

Taking Liberty: Car thief blunders big-time with trade-in

Today's tale involving the questionable decision-making skills of criminals comes from Norwalk, CT. It seems that one Jazrahel King had visited the Wholesalers of America used car lot on Main

PSA: Gone in 4 Seconds - Protecting your valuables and ID

Even if it's obvious, it never hurts to remind people to be more careful on the road or around their vehicles, so we figured we'd share this video clip with all of you. Broward County Sheriff Ken Jenne offers a frightening look at how quickly and easily a thief can make off with your valuables and/or your identity by showing actual surveillance cam footage from a Broward County incident.