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Luxury cars are nice. Most people would consider some kind of sacrifice to own one, while others plant their behinds in Corinthian Leather through ill-gotten gains. When something is desirable, there's no end to the scheming. The latest tactic for driving luxe without earning it is pretty blatant: just show up and take it! Automotive News reports that the FBI is currently looking into an operation that's using the identity of Atlas Towing and Recovery of Illinois, a real, legitimate business, to

Love makes us all a little crazy sometimes. Some of us, however, a little crazier than others, as evidenced by this story. Police say Antonio Moreno, 31, loved his girl so much he was willing to drive 180 miles round-trip several times a month to see her in Santa Barbara. Dedication to the gal you love is hardly ever worth the attention of the cops, but according to the authorities, Moreno was making these three hour drives in someone else's car. Sorry, someone else's cars. Plural. In fact, abou