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Audi Cam in action – Click above for high-res image gallery

Corporate clients have long grown accustomed to being shuttled around in the back seats of Panther-platform Fords. The throwback Town Car that most car services run doesn't exactly sip fuel, so T.J. Donaghy of Orlando, Florida decided a Toyota Camry Hybrid would be a good addition to his fleet at Aristocrat Transportation. City officials have denied Donaghy's attempt at greening his livery fleet, reasoning that the Camry doesn't fit any of the five classes of vehicles for hire that the City of O

In large urban motropoli like London, it makes little sense to own your own car when you are only going to need it a few times a month. So, car renting and sharing services make great sense there, and are sprouting up all over. One such example of this type of service is Zipcar, which is based in the U.S. but is available in London. Now, you can couple the Zipcar service with a new service called Park At My House, which allows users to share cars and parking spots. I think this kind of thing sho

Here's a policy we'd like to see made standard across every border.