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Carroll Shelby sued by Unique Performance customers

Carroll Shelby has seen it all. He's raised chickens and flew planes in WWII. He's raced in Formula One and partnered with all three of America's automakers. And then some. At 85 years old, Shelby deserves praise – like the Automotive Executive of the Year and Lifetime Achievement awards the iconic muscle-car guru is set to receive this year. But what is he getting instead? Sued.

Carroll Shelby files lawsuit against SAAC to enforce agreement

From the "Don't Tick Off Carroll Shelby Department" comes the continuing saga which is the SAAC vs. the performance Mustang patriarch. We told you earlier about the feud between Shelby and SAAC owners Rick Kopec and Ken Eber over the cancellation of the Shelby club's license, and as of yesterday,

Hopefully, they don't run fast: Anonimo Firenze's Shelby wristwatches

Italian watchmaker Anonimo Firenze is releasing a pair of Carroll Shelby-themed wristwatches this month. The launch is timed to coincide with the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. As for the baubles themselves, they're pretty nice-looking. The Anonimo Shelby Mark II SE is based on the company's Cronoscorpio 2018 Mark II, is branded with the Shelby Cobra logo and is finished with either a black-and-silver or black-and-gold dial. Additionally, the back of the

New York Preview: Mystery Mustang is Shelby KR

UPDATE: Check out the video of the original Mustang Shelby GT500KR after the jump.

New Mustang to debut at Barrett-Jackson Auction March 31

Barrett-Jackson and Mustangs seem to go hand-in-hand, especially special edition Mustangs. We just told you about the one-off Roush BlackJack Mustang convertible that will be going across the block, and there was the pair of bitchin' OCC Eleanor GT500 E Mustangs that set Westworl

Buy a Shelby GT500 for just $120!

Have you stopped by your local Ford dealer lately to check out the hot new Shelby GT500? The 5.4-supercharged-liter Mustang that brings Carroll Shelby back to Ford directly, as opposed through the rental fleets? The Mustang that promises Corvette performance at half the price? The most powerful factory Mustang ever? What's not to like, right? Have you seen the 20 grand markups they're demanding? Well, come right over here, my friend. We have something that might cheer you up a bit. A very detail

Carroll Shelby gives two-wheel tuning a try

We love Carroll Shelby. You love Carroll Shelby. We all love Carroll Shelby. Repeat. We also love the cars that have the Shelby logo on them. Except, maybe a few of the Dodge products in the 80's. An Omni probably should never be called a Shelby. Anybody disagree? (Yes. I owned one. -Ed.)

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