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You've seen this concept before: Most folks can neither afford to buy exotic supercars, nor do they yearn for the headaches of ownership. But hey, it sure would be nice to get behind the wheel once in a while. That's where Supercar Sensation comes in.

Volkswagen may or may not be considering moving its operations, in part or entirely, to the East Coast. Washington D.C. or North Carolina are looking far more favorable to VW than its current digs in Auburn Hills, MI. Perhaps VW management thinks it can kick-start some new enthusiasm inside its US operations by heading to a part of the country where it's more appreciated (VW's assorted brands sell best on the coasts) and making space for new blood by leaving behind those unwilling to relocate. B

Just days after North Carolina announced intentions to launch a "go green" strategy with $15 million and lure green companies, like biodiesel producers, to North Carolina, its southern neighbour has announced a nearly identical plan. South Carolina House Speaker Bobby Harrell has proposed the $15 million South Carolina Hydrogen Infrastructure Development Fund which offers state grants and tax credits to promote in-state based hydrogen fuel research partnerships between companies and South Caroli