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U.S. Capitol gets first public charging station, frustratingly late for Sen. Levin

Ironically enough, even as Washington approved funding electric vehicle charging stations around the country, it dragged its feet on having them installed in the nation's capital. That's going to change, and it has taken surprisingly hard work in Congress to get the stations approved.

Senator Levin looking for answers on Administration's proposed 56.2 mpg

Carl Levin, a democratic Senator from the state of Michigan, seems none too thrilled with the Obama Administration's proposed CAFE target of 56.2 miles per gallon by 2025. This ain't the first time that Levin has reacted negatively towards regulations calling for increased fuel econom

Worth the wait: Senator Carl Levin buys a Chevy Volt

Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, dubbed the "Auto Industry's Best Friend," is practicing what he preaches. The long-serving senator is now the proud owner of a Volt, the first sold by the LaFontaine Chevrolet dealership. Excited about his new purchase, Levin said:

Senator Levin in favor of a bolder clean vehicle mandate to replace CAFE

Michigan Senator Carl Levin has been called the auto industry's best friend by detractors who say he's worked hard to obtain that title by defending the status quo. At the 2010 Business of

Business of Plugging In: Sen. Levin thinks out loud about eliminating CAFE in favor of a bolder clean vehicle mandate

Michigan Senator Carl Levin has been called the auto industry's best friend, and he's worked hard to obtain that title and defend the status quo. At the 2010 Business of Plugging In con

Senator Carl Levin: the Auto Industry's Best Friend

Carl Levin is a liberal Democrat, for whatever that's worth to you. More important for our site is what he is struggling to do every day. At the ripe age of 73, he has to be one of the busiest lead men in politics.

Levin CAFE loophole for automakers appears dead

A proposal put forward recently by Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich to provide a way out of new fuel economy requirements for carmakers if they committed to using alternative powertrains on all their cars by 2020 appears to have died on the vine. It looks like there is little or no support for the idea in the Senate although Levin may propose a revised version of the bill at some point.

Deal expected on new fuel economy regulations

It looks like Michigan's senior senator has won a reprieve for his biggest corporate constituents in the new fuel economy bill that's working it's way through the US Senate right now. Following hearings this week where the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee heard from various automaker representatives, Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan got a con

Army takes delivery of Equinox FCV as Project Driveway kicks off

The US Army took delivery of the first Chevy Equinox fuel-cell vehicle yesterday during a Washington, D.C. ceremony that marked the kickoff of GM's new Project Driveway initiative. Maj. Gen. Roger A. Nadeau (above), commander of the US Army's Research, Development and Engineering Command, was on hand to accept the keys fro