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She warned attacker 'You've messed with the wrong witch"

Carjacker Ismael Martinez probably wishes he never messed with this Mom after his failed robbery attempt ended with him being run over by his victim.


Gunman eventually gives up and flees scene

As the bumbling thief in the video above from CBS News might attest, it'd probably be prudent to know how to drive a stick shift if you plan on stealing one.


Police say a man in Scottsdale, Arizona went on a carjacking spree that left a trail of destruction behind him. John Brigham was reportedly in an accident with another motorist at around 1:30 PM Saturday. Rather than exchange insurance information, Brigham allegedly stripped naked and jumped onto the roof of a Honda CR-V. The man then carjacked a woman driving a Toyota Prius before causing a five-car incident just down the road. Brigham allegedly hit a pregnant woman driving a Lexus before swerv


Note to budding carjackers: Learn to drive a stick shift before heading out to boost a car.

Senator Corker praises OnStar -- Click above to watch the video

In what can only be described as an unconventional auto theft, a Suisun City, California man was beaten and carjacked by four formally-dressed women while parking at a 7-Eleven Sunday night.