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Nine In Ten Drivers Opt For Self-Driving Car To Get Insurance Discount

A new study offered driver's an 80 percent reduction in rates for self-driving car

A new survey release by the website CarInsurance.com found 90 percent of drivers would consider buying a self-driving car if it meant a break on car insurance rates.

Which 3 Driving Habits Will Drive Up Your Insurance Costs?

Insurance companies are using driver behavior data to determine which drivers are the safest

Insurance companies have been using tracking devices to monitor driver behavior for a couple of years, and have learned that there are three things you might be doing that could indicate you're a higher-risk customer (and, sadly, will have to pay more that safer drivers for your insurance.)

How To Spot A 'Staged' Car Accident

Staged car accidents are on the rise

The number of staged accident insurance claims has been on the rise in recent years, but they are often quite easy to spot. The video above shows some telltale signs that you might be the victim of a staged crash.

Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance Growing Despite Privacy Concerns

Usage-based insurance could save drivers 5% to 35%

Can drivers put a price on privacy? According to a new survey from Lynx Research Consulting, they sure can. And that price is a ten-percent discount on their car insurance.

It Costs More To Own And Operate Your Car, AAA Says

Expenses rise almost 2 percent, according to AAA's annual "Your Driving Costs" study

The cost of driving is inching upward.

The Most And Least Expensive States For Car Insurance

Louisiana residents pay a lot, Maine residents pay the least

According to an Insure.com study, Louisiana is number one -- in a very bad way. The Pelican State has the highest average insurance rates in the nation, beating out Michigan and Georgia to take the not-so-illustrious title for 2013.

Poor People Pay More For Car Insurance, Study Finds

Even with worse driving records, wealthier people quoted lower rates

Pride yourself on being a safe driver? You might be paying a penalty for that distinction. The country's largest auto insurers often charge safe drivers more money for their annual insurance premiums than their more reckless counterparts, according to a study released Monday by the Consumer Federation Of America.

Sandy May Have Damaged Fewer Cars Than Initially Feared

Early Estimates Predicted Hundreds Of Thousands Of Vehicles Were Lost

In the days since Superstorm Sandy, an alarming prediction has flashed across the Internet: Hundreds of thousands of flood-damaged vehicles will inundate the nation's used-car market, and buyers might not be told which cars have been marred.

How Hurricane Sandy's Aftermath Will Affect The Auto Industry

New-car sales may dip in short term, but storm victims could add to year's strong sales numbers

The effects of Hurricane Sandy are expected to ripple across the auto industry. In the short term, the superstorm is expected to hurt October sales figures, as dealerships across the Eastern Seaboard missed several days of sales. But in the months ahead, analysts expect the storm to boost an already-burgeoning industry as Sandy's victims replace damaged vehicles.

Insurance Company: Pay To Fix BMW That Killed Your Mom

PURE Insurance demands more than $6K from grieving New York family

Struck and killed by a passing car? That will be $6,000, please. That's what one insurance company told the grieving relatives of a Long Island grandmother who was fatally injured while crossing a busy street earlier this year in Westbury, N.Y.

Woman Caught Faking Car Accident

Lucky for motorist, he had dash-mounted camera rolling

As one former president might say, it takes a lot of brass to try and scam an insurance company by staging an accident. It takes even more to attempt the scam – and not even put much effort into it.

Brother Of Woman Killed In Crash Says Progressive, Her Insurance Company, Tried To Scuttle Legal Case

Company tried to help defendant instead of its client, he writes

Did the insurance company Progressive try to sabotage a legal case involving a deceased client in order to avoid paying a claim?

The Most Expensive State For Car Insurance Is ...

Study compared annual car insurance premiums to average household income

The state that America's auto industry calls home is also the state that boasts the nation's highest car insurance rates.

The One Thing You Should Never Say Following A Car Accident

Here's advice from a pro who has handled hundreds of insurance claims

In the frantic, confusing minutes following an auto accident, it makes perfect sense for two drivers to meet and often say, "I'm so sorry." While it sounds courteous and sincere, it's something that drivers should avoid at the scene.

Is Your ZIP Code Costing You Thousands Of Dollars?

Car insurance rates heavily affected by where you live

Consumers shopping for car insurance often overlook one key factor that greatly influences their insurance rates, according to Business Insider.

Ford: Aftermarket replacement parts can be inferior, possible safety hazards

Today's autos are chock-full of safety equipment that vastly improves your chances of survival in the event of a crash. And if an automaker wants to achieve the best crash test scores, it has to ensure that parts like bumper beams, air bag sensors and radiator supports perform properly during a collision. But while automakers are concerned about their safety record, in some cases, aftermarket parts makers are more concerned with keeping costs down.

Video: Confused.com wraps accident-prone UK street in bubblewrap. Hope they recycle.

Confused.com wraps an entire street in bubble wrap – Click above to watch video

VW Bus stolen 35 years ago returned in mint condition... to Allstate

In 1974, this 1965 Volkswagen Type 2 (a.k.a. 'Bus') was stolen from Washington State. Fast-forward to October 19 of this year and custom agents at the Port of Los Angeles open up a container bound for Europe only to rediscover said van. Somehow, the Bus's VIN was still in the LAPD's stolen vehicle database. Guess which 1965 Type 2 is no longer headed for Europe?

REPORT: One week after announcing GM departure, Mark LaNeve surfaces at Allstate

When word got out that Mark LaNeve (right) was leaving General Motors effective October 15, we weren't at all sure where the soon-to-be-former exec was heading. The Wall Street Journal has finally let the cat out of the bag, reporting that LaNeve is leaving the auto business for a marketing gig at Allstate. LaNeve will sign on as the overseer of all marketing initiatives in

Spanish "green insurance" company offers all kinds of incentives, including a free bike

Spanish insurer MMT is currently offering a "green insurance policy" called ecopóliza that uses all kind of green incentives to attract customers. Purchasers of this package can not only get their legally-required insurance coverage, but they also get a tree planted in their name to offset some carbon emissions, a smart driving course directed by former F1 driver Emilio de VIllota that promises to teach drivers ways to save up to 20 percent in fuel costs and, finally, a free bicycle for c

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