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Masdar, that "zero carbon, zero waste, car-free city" we first wrote about back in 2007 has been moving forward in Abu Dhabi. 100 sudents and faculty should be living in the early stages of development by the fall. Last November, the forces that be awarded Mustang Engineering (from Houston, Texas) a contract to ship the city's CO2 via pipeline to Abu Dhabi's oil reservoirs to be pumped underground for "enhanced oil recovery." The Masdar Initiative expects that five million tons of CO2 a year wil

Eight million people are expected at the London 2012 Olympics but their cars are not invited. The 2012 games will be car free, a first for the Olympics, with the only options for transport between the venues 1) walking, 2) biking or 3) public transport. The "car exclusion zones" include parts of London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Cardiff, and Weymouth and Portland in Dorset.

If PARK(ing) Day wasn't enough for you, there's another day of paradigm-shifting activism taking place this weekend. Today is World Car Free Day. I don't think I need to explain what that is, do I? Good.