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We have something of a hard time applying the term "hot rod" to the Caresto T6 R. The unusual Volvo-based retro one-off has simply transcended the art. Whereas most builders start with chassis manufactured by one of the illustrious Big Three, the T6 R is a clean-sheet design with a mid-engine turbocharged I6 swiped from the XC90 that puts power to the rear wheels via a five-speed Geartronic transmission. With a handcrafted aluminum body and a removable polycarbonate roof, the machine is better e

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Leif Tufvesson, the Swedish carbuilder behind Caresto, has seen to it that the Volvo display at SEMA features not one, but two surprising and delightful hot rods. The Caresto V8 Speedster joins the VÖX-Amazon in adding some serious old-time flavor to the otherwise C30-dominated Volvo booth. Lovingly crafted out of carbon fiber and aluminum the Speedster is powered by a mid-mounted 4.4L Volvo V8 that's been converted to run on ethanol. It's good for 340 horsepower on the alterna-fuel and 315