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Audi launches Facebook causes page to benefit Nature Conservancy

In conjunction with the launch of its diesel engines in the U.S., Audi has created a Facebook Causes page to benefit the Nature Conservancy. For every person that joins the cause, Audi has committed to donating a dollar to the Tensas River basin project where the Nature Conservancy is conducting a carbon offset program. The Tensas project involves reforestation of private lands and restoring natural habitats that have been shrinking due to human activity.

Hyundai to offset CO2 emissions of 2009 Genesis sedans

Hyundai took a big step upmarket in 2008 with the launch of its new Genesis luxury sedan. For now, the Genesis is only available with a choice of V6 or V8 engines but in keeping with Hyundai's new Blue Drive strategy, the company has decided to do something about the Genesis emissions. Hyundai has decided to buy carbon offsets from CarbonFund.org that will cover the first year's worth of emissions from all 2009 model Genesis sedans. Based on current sales proj

Carbon Catalog, an offset directory site, opens today

Today is the launch day for Carbon Catalog, an independent website directory that means to centralize information on carbon offset projects and providers. If you're looking for a nearby carbon offset company, Carbon Catalog's simple interface will quickly be able to tell you what's available. It's also good for finding far-flung operations. Did you know, for example, about Islands of Lli

Survey of TerraPass members finds they're not buying away their guilt

As always, we need to at least put on our slightly skeptical hat when we get survey results about a group released by that group. Keeping that small caveat in mind, it appears that people who are part of the TerraPass community are not doing so because they want a green ticket excuse for their extravagant lifestyles. Instead, hey, they care.

The diference between this and that carbon offset program

Carbon offsetting is one of the more popular ways to be green these days, especially for companies. And why not, you don't actually have to change your lifestyle, you just buy away the guilt of emitting CO2. Not that carbon offset programs are bad, they're not. But it's important to figure out which ones are doing better than others.

DrivingGreen personal carbon offset calculator. Offset Thanksgiving for $8

If you were inspired by Sunday's post on "carbon neutral" being selected as Word of the Year but didn't know how to bring the idea to your own life, how about checking out DrivingGreen? Goes beyond driving, DrivingGreen lets drivers, flyers and people hosting events figure out their carbon emissions easily. They also claim it's inexpensive.

Is carbon trading obscene? Kevin Smith of Carbon Trade Watch thinks so

Growing faster than smoke from a tall brick chimney at a busy factory, carbon trading (which includes carbon offsetting, something we write about here on AutoblogGreen a lot) has become a verifiable trend with news out every other day it seems about journalists or bands who want to inv

Ease your guilt by offsetting your air travel

Just in time for the Labor Day Weekend, two on-line travel agencies, Travelocity and Expedia, have recently launched carbon offset programs for their travelers.

BP continues to push its "better petroleum" image

BP recently announced the launch of a carbon offset program available to UK motorists called targetneutral. On the website, a driver can estimate his/her CO2 emissions and the cash value associated with its neutralization. Most people will find that the cost of offsetting their carbon emissions will be around £20 (about $38) per year.

Land Rover's carbon offset program

I didn't give this the attention it deserved when it was announced in the middle of July, but I didn't want to miss it completely, so here's a belated note about the new CO2 offset program offered by Land Rover in the UK. The offset program was established specifically for Land Rover and will "enable the development of environmental technologies across Ford and its Premier Automotive Group", according to Ford. The program r

TerraPass blog thinks about thinking about carbon offset programs

We've talked about TerraPass a bit recently, so it's only fair to let them get a few words in edgewise. Over on their TerraBlog, Adam writes a good piece on the four ways people can talk about carbon offset programs (Adam bases his piece on the four ways first identified in Malcolm Gladwell's article in the New Yorker): appeals to convention, stories, appeals to code and technical accounts. Adam says that each way can work, depen

Daryl Hannah: From Hollywood star to green activist.

I admit, I am writing this so I can post the picture of Daryl Hannah drinking a glass of biodiesel. After years of quiet green living, Daryl Hannah speaks out about her life-long environmental activism in a San Francisco Chronicle article. Her two houses have been off the grid for a dozen years, she buys carbon offsets for all her travel, and she's been a vegetarian since she was a kid. She also drives an El Camino (!