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In this day and age of increased environmental awareness, not even motorsports are granted exclusion from the eco-friendly expectations which all companies and organizations are held to. Of course, it's not just the racing itself that causes carbon emissions, as the fans attending the event need to travel in order to get there. In fact, as you can see from the graph below, when race organizers for the upcoming Wales Rally GB in December did some fact-finding, they found that the race vehicles ac

We don't think fans of 24 need to worry about the show getting all preachy. It'll still focus on Jack saving the world while dishing out pain and death to bad guys in inventive, entertaining ways. (Hopefully in association with a plot that's more compelling than the horrendous snooze-fest it turned into this past season, but I digress.) That aside, the producers have said that climate change will be worked into the program when it's appropriate. And that's not all -- it's taken on a role in the

KT Tunstall has been quite busy with her career as of late, as you can tell with her recent grammy nomination and performances all over the world. I watched her perform a song on TV on New Years Day. Speaking of which, she says that her resolution for the year is "to do more work in the environmental areas over the next year."

The Guild of Motoring Writers and Climate Care have teamed up to make covering the world of automobiles carbon negative. Climate Care has a variety of carbon offset programs available (Climate Care also teamed up with Land Rover to make the production and use of Land Rover vehicles carbon neutral in the UK), and this plan does most of those one better.

The SMART EV, which is about to be launched in the UK, can now be a carbon neutral car. DaimlerChrysler UK announced yesterday that it is working on a plan where all carbon dioxide emitted as a SMART EV is made and delivered will be "measured, reduced where possible and the remaining unavoidable emissions offset through a mixture of renewable energy, energy efficiency and forestry projects which will save and absorb 1 tonne of CO2 for every tonne the SMART EV produces."

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