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Carbon Motors claims 14,000 reservations for E7 police car

Carbon Motors E7 police car – Click above fore high-res image gallery

A New Kind of Cop Car, A New Kind of Business Model - Autoline with John McElroy

Autoblog has followed the developments at Carbon Motors ever since the start-up unveiled its new police cruiser a year and a half ago. And while the car looks impressively good, what makes this company worth watching goes well beyond the product. Carbon has come up with a business model that could let it carve out a profitable chunk of the automotive market that, up to now, was always controlled

Diesel-powered Carbon E7 police car to go on sale in 2012

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Carbon E7 police car headed for duty in 2012

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Carbon Motors releases first video of E7 cop car and in-car gadgets

Law enforcement officers have more reasons to be excited with Carbon Motors' release of a few more images and a video of its purpose-built Police car. The E7, as it is currently known, looks to be much more capable than the thousands of Crown Vics, Impalas and Chargers currently roaming our streets due to its rather amazing list of specifications and gadgetry. Included are a diesel

Carbon Motors hopes to put the Police in diesels

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Calling all cars: Carbon Motors purpose-built police car

Checker did it with taxi cabs a generation and a half ago, but since then, purpose-built working cars haven't been produced in mass quantities. Carbon Motors thinks it's about time the fuzz get their own purpose-built ride, instead of being forced to modify a civilian car. Law enforcement agencies have kept Ford's Panther platform alive long past its expiration date, but even that is winding down. Carbon'