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Last fall, Hyundai announced that for every Genesis sedan sold during the 2009 model year it would make carbon offset grants equivalent to the CO2 emissions of those cars. Six months into the program, Hyundai Motor America is now paying out the first award grants totaling over $100,000. Three grants of $35,000 each are going to programs in Peru, Mozambique, and Kenya. The Peruvian project is meant to battle deforestation in the Alto Mayo Protected Forest while new trees are being planted in Moza

The big sweeper trucks in Michael Wagoner's fleet each run two engines; one to propel the vehicle and one to operate the giant sweeping brush. Since he's a little picky about numbers, he knows that his firm logs 357,000 miles and uses just over 56,000 gallons of fuel annually. With that information, he calculated his carbon footprint using the Carbon Fund website. His contribution to global warming came to 500 tons of CO2 in 2006.