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Scientists challenge today's biggest and most dangerous lie

Automotive research and analysis firm JATO does an annual assessment of vehicle carbon dioxide emissions in the European Market. For several years, Fiat and Peugeot/Citroen have been going back and forth as the leader. For 2007, JATO's analysis based on sales put Fiat at the top of the heap among the ten biggest manufacturers that do business in Europe. Fiat's 2007 fleet averaged CO2 emissions of only 137.3g/km while second place was a draw between Peugeot and Toyota at 141.9g/km. Peugeot and Fi

New York Times blogger Sewell Chan has a detailed post up about New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg's call for a national carbon tax. You might remember how earlier this fall, there was talk of a congestion charge in the Big Apple (didn't happpen) as well as banning all vehicle traffic from Times Square (And, let's not forget the mayor's strange commuting practice, just as an aside). Bloomberg's latest is not something that his city would implement, but is instead an idea for the entire coun