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Cold storage for CO2 to solve global warming?

Another carbon sequestration project is being undertaken by a team from the University of Leicester in England and the British Geological Society. This project is working on a means of storing CO2 in a solid form as a gas hydrate and also in liquid form as liquid CO2 under a cap of hydrate cemented sediments. To do this, the CO2 and water would be frozen at

China becomes part of FutureGen alliance

The FutureGen alliance is a public-private partnership to develop an integrated coal fired power plant that also produces hydrogen and features carbon sequestration. President Bush announced plans to fund a $1 billion, ten-year project to build a demonstration plant in 2003. Since then South Korea and now China have also joined the alliance. The plant is expected

Shell Canada to pursue carbon sequestration, wants Canadian government help

As part of its plan to expand oil production from the northern Alberta tar sands, Shell Canada wants to capture and sequester carbon dioxide emissions from the facilities. Unfortunately, in spite of the high oil prices and associated profits which are prompting the expansion in the first place, Shell still wants some tax breaks to help pay for the sequestration program. CEO Clive Mather says the carbo

Julio Friedmann discusses carbon storage on Open Source radio show

Christopher Lydon hosts a public radio show called Open Source and recently had a show on global warming and coal. One of the guests was Julio Friedmann, Head of the Carbon Storage Program at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Friedmann talked about geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide. The idea is to separate carbon dioxide from the exhaust stream of coal or gas fired power plants, and then pump it

Energy official says fossil fuels can be less polluting, more efficient

Jeffrey Jarrett is the assistant secretary for fossil energy in the Department of Energy. Previously he was in the Department of Interior, working in the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement.