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Dashcam tapes heroic rescue

A California police officer is being hailed as a hero after he pulled a woman from a burning car.

Mom is struggling with insurers to get car replaced

A single mother was left with a mountain of bills and a totaled car after billionaire New York Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman struck her Ford Fusion and then drove off.

Insurance carrier drops coverage of Augusta Bottom Road in suburban St. Louis

A small town in suburban St. Louis closed one of its main roads this weekend over insurance concerns.

Dashboard camera in Russia captures close call

Another astonishing close call on the road caught on dash cam in Russia.

Florida host three out of five cities with the worst drivers

What city has the worst drivers? You're more than likely thinking of your own hometown, but you don't have the stats to back up your claim.

Police are still looking for the driver

Police in Muskegon Mich. are looking for the driver of this minivan who backed over a mother and her baby in a store parking lot.

Police immediately ask her to come in

A woman in Norfolk, England hit a cyclists, drives away, and tweets about the event.

Dash cam captures lesson on safety, ensuing crash

A Russian dash cam captures a father instructing his daughter on what to do during a car accident, a lesson immediately put into practice when a speeding motorcycle rear-ends another car right in front of them.

Rental car pulled out with a crane after incident in Florida

In Fort Lauderdale Fla., a woman drives the wrong way on a one-way street, swerves onto the sidewalk and pushes a parked car into a nearby hotel pool.

Limo driver calls them "Best-dressed rescue team ever"

A group of Florida teenagers on their way to the prom leaped out of their limousine and rescued a family from a car accident Saturday night.

High school baseball players are being hailed as heroes

Members of a high school baseball team are being hailed as heroes after saving a teenage girl's life.

Difficult maneuver allows doctor to get to patient faster

With nowhere near a car accident to land, this pilot pulled off a daring maneuver.

Dodge Ram was totaled in fluke accident

A mother, father and 5-month-old baby are lucky to be alive and unhurt after a catastrophic car accident crushed the Dodge pickup truck the family was riding in.

Pedestrians narrowly avoid being crushed by colliding cars

Another wild near miss caught on camera in Russia.

Colorado man's family pleading 'Don't text and drive'

College student Alexander Heit, 22, died texting while driving.


Dashcam shows how close two came to death

Not much is known about the accident in the video above, other than the obvious – two pedestrians are lucky to be alive.


Physics behind accident in England vex investigators

Reports of cars leaving the roadway and crashing into houses are, regrettably, all too common. But a driver in England managed an unusual feat over the weekend. Not only did he crash his Audi TT into the side of a brick home in Suffolk, he left his wrecked ride embedded several feet in the air.


Authorities say this sort of fraud is commonplace in Russia

A crowd forms around a woman splayed across the hood of a car stopped in the middle of the road. Several people drag her to the sidewalk where she doesn't move.


College intern was along for ride with cop when teen crashed

A police officer and college intern saved the life of an unconscious teenager on Sunday night, pulling the injured man from a burning car.


Parade of cars approaches scene, can't stop before joining wreck

The 19-car accident starts with one small event.

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