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Photo essay of Los Angeles' car-less – Click above to watch video after the jump

There are many people who are trying to live without a car. An entire town in Germany, for example. So why can't American popular culture get behind the idea? The only (mostly) likable, pro-bike character that comes to mind from the recent TV and movies is Michael Bluth on Arrested Development (his brother Gob, of course, rocked a Segway). Back in the '80s, we had Pee-Wee who seriously loved his bike, but he wasn't exactly cool. In fact, the general trend for Hollywood is to equate not having a

They're back, the folks behind World Car Free Day. Last year, people in 38 countries joined in the effort to reduce dependence on motorized vehicles, and so the global event has been scheduled for Monday, September 22nd this year. The idea behind the day, started in 1997, is "highlighting alternatives to car travel, the rights of pedestrians and cyclists, and the need for more and better public transport." Looking over the group's website, it seems they're against the pollution that vehicle's ca