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Toyota had an ad in Belgium that included the words "Zero emissions low." While the Prius is a model with very low CO2 emissions, they're certainly not zero and the claim has been considered misleading. The advertisement did not contain any CO2 emission or fuel consumption data, as is obliged under Belgian law, and thus violated European labeling directive 1999/94/EC. Friends of the Earth Europe's car efficiency campaigner, Jeroen Verhoeven, filed the complaint. "Car manufacturers are using 'gre

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There are certainly plenty of good reasons to standardize the terminology for a vehicle's CO2 emissions in advertising. Earlier this year, more than one company has gotten into a bit of hot water over misleading ads (see examples regarding Toyota and Lexus and Hummer) and it could certainly help buyers better understand how a potential new car would spew carbon compared to others if a standard label was applied to CO2 emissions. Europeans might soon get such a label. The European Automobile Ma