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Wearable airbag for cyclists | Autoblog Minute

Hovding is a Swedish-made wearable airbag for cyclists.

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Mercedes-Benz Autonomous Delivery Van | Autoblog Minute

Mercedes-Benz announced a new commercial concept for future delivery vans.

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Motorized Rideable Carry-On | Autoblog Minute

Modobag is the motorized rideable carry-on

Top Fuel drag racing is a perfect application for high-speed cameras

Watching a Top Fuel dragster hurl down the quarter mile in the low four-second mark is exciting enough, but watching the action with a high-speed camera is car porn for gear heads. Finnish magazine Tekniikan Maailma (English translation: "Technology World") embedded one of its writers with the race team, and while there is plenty of great footage of what seems to be an average race weekend, the meat of this video is from