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Nissan Buys Old Maxima After Seeing Owner's Funny Video

Filmmaker's advertisement for his car garnered a lot of attention

According to Luke Akers' video, his 1996 Nissan Maxima GLE can get you "from point A to B ... most of the time."

Watch Hoonigan thank us all for doing what we do best

Say what you will about Ken Block. The guy knows how to have some fun. He's also pretty good at selling clothing. The hotshoe's latest move to sling t-shirts flies under the Hoonigan banner, where vehicular antics of every sort can safely gather. The crew has worked up a best of compilation video stitching together some of the internet's most infamous cases of drivers behaving badly. Even better, the

Dad disapproves of son's 530-horsepower MR2

Reaction vids certainly aren't in short supply. Whether it's a mom screaming her head off during a hot lap of Laguna Seca, a little boy freaking out over the silent rush of acceleration in a Tesla Roadster, or a John Neff

Video: Toyota Prius driver crashes car twice in 6 seconds

Toyota Prius wreck – Click above to watch video after the jump